In 2019, SLACO was chosen to be a partner of the Talyor Community Consulting program at the Olin Business School at Washington University:

The Taylor Community Consulting Program (TCCP) provides students the opportunity to impact the local nonprofit sector. Through team-based, applied learning projects, students enable positive change in the St. Louis community. Projects have included market research and advertising; strategic planning; feasibility studies for expansion; and the infusion of technology into billing and reporting activities.
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For 14 weeks during the 2019 Fall semester, four Washington University students worked with SLACO on two important projects.  The first project was collecting demographic data on each of our member neighborhoods across the St. Louis Metropolitan region.  SLACO and its members may use this data to strategically plan and execute target specific demographic based initiatives.  The data may also be used as supporting evidence and documentation for grant writing proposals.  The second project worked with our Emerging Leaders Youth to create a survey and curriculum to identify why youth may not engage in neighborhood organizing and a curriculum to facilitate discussions and solutions on how to actively include more youth in neighborhood activities and organizing.  The Washington University students did an exemplary job and dedicated many hours working with SLACO and our youth.  The documents they have produced and the data they have compiled are exceptional tools that will allow our member Neighborhood Associations and SLACO to progressively plan, increase engagement to youth, and acquire more funding.  

Pictured below are Kevin McKinney- SLACO Executive Director, Tim Yu- a Washington University Junior, Cade Elliott- a Washington University Sophomore, Rachel Li- a Washington University Junior, Lauryn McSpadden- a Washington University Senior, and Sundy Whiteside- SLACO Board President.

We are happy to release the report prepared for us, on the demographics of SLACO’s neighborhoods and our Emerging Leaders program.

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