Please be  aware of PAID opportunity for residents of high vacancy neighborhoods to participate as a stakeholder in the Vacancy Collaborative’s code enforcement process mapping project. We want residents to help us understand the City’s current code enforcement system and opportunities to make it more strategic and equitable. The focus is vacant properties. The deadline to apply is June 7th.

Please share the attached PDF with anyone who may be interested in this opportunity. If you have any questions, please reach out to the St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative Coordinator, Tara Aubuchon at tara@communitybuildersstl.org.

Paid Opportunities in these neighborhoods:

  • Walnut Park NA
  • Hamilton Heights NA
  • Wells Goodfellow NA
  • Fountain Park
  • Mark Twain NA
  • Lewis Place
  • Vandeventer
  • We Live Here – The Ville
  • Kingsville NA
  • Penrose NA
  • JVL NA
  • Covenant-Blu
  • St Louis Place
  • Fairground NA
  • Marine Villa

Vacancy Collaborative Director

View the open positions with the St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative. To view the full job descriptions or to apply, here’s the link in the Work With Us Section.

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