Since 1978 The St. Louis Association of Community Organizations, a.k.a. SLACO has been the umbrella organization for several St. Louis City Neighborhood Associations. SLACO has collaborated with numerous organizations in addressing several challenges and issues our residents face daily. We have addressed Government Accountability, Teen Violence Prevention, After School Music Programs, Summer Camp and After School Programs, supporting black and brown entrepreneurs and affordable housing initiatives.

Most recently we partnered with Neighborhood Forward on a Voter Registration, Voter Education and Voter Participation Initiative in the November General election (2020) and the St Louis City General election (2021).

It has been noted in America that police violence is a leading cause of death for black youths. Our goal with this documentary is to assist in the healing and understanding process. The documentary, training and curriculum we will be releasing simultaneously will serve as great tools for communities of color and police departments.

View Powerpoint presentation for the production.