Reprinting a letter from St. Louis Development Corp.

Just wanted to thank you for your service on the former SLACO Vacancy Committee and subcommittees.  Your work has pushed the City on a path to begin work on some vacate buildings. I hope you will become a part of the Vacancy Collaborative and jump on some of their subcommittees. Thank you for your work! It’s getting done and it’s because of your work.

For the record, we have:

We still have some fine-tuning to do to get everything just right, but the program is definitely picking up steam and starting to show progress, with buildings approved or completed in 15 different neighborhoods – with many more still being evaluated and inspected for eventual presentation to the Stabilization Advisory Committee and the LRA Board.

Stay tuned for further updates, and in the meantime, thank you all again.

Sean Thomas
Program Manager – Prop NS
St. Louis Development Corp.