Etzel Community Center Programs

After School Program

SLACO has a free after-school program in the Etzel Community Center.    Neighborhood Houses, an organization highly experienced in delivering quality after-school programs, manages all aspects of the program under contract with SLACO.   Applications are available now at our location, 5888 Plymouth at Hamilton, or call 314-361-9406.

Program hours are 3:30-6 p.m., or any part of that time when the children are home from school. We accept only children ages 6 through 12.  Preference is given first to residents of the Etzel Place Apartments, and then to others who live within the West End Neighborhood (area bounded by Skinker on the west, Page on the north, Union on the east, and Delmar on the south).

The program is open every day Monday-Friday, except for St. Louis Public Schools holidays.  Although the public schools will govern our schedule, children in any public, charter, private, or parochial school are most welcome.



Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts meet at the SLACO Etzel Community Center weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  If you need information, call our office to be connected with Scout leaders.

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