Prop NS Stabilized buildings UPDATE

Reprinting a letter from St. Louis Development Corp.

Just wanted to thank you for your service on the former SLACO Vacancy Committee and subcommittees.  Your work has pushed the City on a path to begin work on some vacate buildings. I hope you will become a part of the Vacancy Collaborative and jump on some of their subcommittees. Thank you for your work! It’s getting done and it’s because of your work.

For the record, we have:

We still have some fine-tuning to do to get everything just right, but the program is definitely picking up steam and starting to show progress, with buildings approved or completed in 15 different neighborhoods – with many more still being evaluated and inspected for eventual presentation to the Stabilization Advisory Committee and the LRA Board.

Stay tuned for further updates, and in the meantime, thank you all again.

Sean Thomas
Program Manager – Prop NS
St. Louis Development Corp.

Vacant buildings start getting facelifts funded by special St. Louis property tax

ST. LOUIS — A construction dumpster parked behind the four-unit apartment building on Newberry Terrace was filled to the brim Friday with remnants of the structure’s collapsed floor.

Surrounding it, a construction crew of about 10 people was busy hauling out more debris that, a week ago, all but blocked the hallways of the 1906 brick structure in the city’s Lewis Place neighborhood. Workers had already cut down overgrown trees, tuckpointed and boarded over weak floors. Most importantly, they installed a new roof on the building so rain couldn’t cause any more damage.

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Documentary Production “Why are Black Men Afraid of the Police”

Since 1978 The St. Louis Association of Community Organizations, a.k.a. SLACO has been the umbrella organization for several St. Louis City Neighborhood Associations. SLACO has collaborated with numerous organizations in addressing several challenges and issues our residents face daily. We have addressed Government Accountability, Teen Violence Prevention, After School Music Programs, Summer Camp and After School Programs, supporting black and brown entrepreneurs and affordable housing initiatives.

Most recently we partnered with Neighborhood Forward on a Voter Registration, Voter Education and Voter Participation Initiative in the November General election (2020) and the St Louis City General election (2021).

It has been noted in America that police violence is a leading cause of death for black youths. Our goal with this documentary is to assist in the healing and understanding process. The documentary, training and curriculum we will be releasing simultaneously will serve as great tools for communities of color and police departments.

View Powerpoint presentation for the production.

Green & Efficient Buildings Follow-Up

“Thank you all for attending yesterday’s info session about the Green & Efficient Buildings Are Better pilot project. We are excited to see so many who are interested in pursuing energy efficiency opportunities!

As promised, I’m following up with a few things:
1) Interest form – fill this out if you’d like to participate in the program!

2) Power Point Slides (PDF on Google Drive)

3) Recording of last night’s presentation (via Zoom – this link will remain live through April 9)

I am also sharing a general flyer about the program in case you know others that might be interested. If you fill out the form, we will be in touch! And stay tuned for additional info sessions.

Also, Kevin from SLACO, Emmaline from MCU and Rev. Burton from New Northside MB all cc-ed on this e-mail along with our intern Victoria. Please be in touch with any of us if you have questions!

Be well and enjoy the weekend!

Emily Andrews
USGBC-Missouri Gateway