Development north of Delmar Boulevard encouraging to St. Louis residents

“A development north of Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis is encouraging to residents in the area.

“It gives people hope,” said Judith Arnold. “It gives them hope that their neighborhood can change for the better.”

Arnold points to new homes being built along Finney Avenue, the proposed Hodiamont Tracks Greenway and also investment in a new building from Ranken Technical College.

“It’s actually an asset adding new buildings to the land, increasing property value to everything around it so it’s extremely important,” Arnold said.”…

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Harlan Hodge joins SLACO Board

The St. Louis Association of Community Organizations is pleased to welcome its newest board member, Harlan Hodge.

“Anything in isolation is dead or dying” Harlan is a serial connector.  Over the past 25 years, he has partnered with schools, non-profits, and charitable corporations to build a network of support systems for the disadvantaged. His mission is to see every person with many connections.  He leads a team of interpreters, facilitators, and inclusion advocates at one of country’s largest healthcare systems. He is a passionate researcher, speaker, writer, film maker, and Chess Player.  He is also a nationally recognized facilitator and certified trainer.  

Harlan is an Alumni of Tennessee State University, The University of Missouri St. Louis and The Brown School at Washington University.  He holds a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Social Work.  He is a partner at Imagine Services, a communications, facilitation, and training company.  

Hodiamont Tracks Cleanup

The Hodiamont Tracks cleanup event was a success. Almost 300 people came out. Congressman Clay, the Mayor, 4 different Aldermen, and a multitude of neighborhood associations and youth groups came as teams. Keeping it clean with SLACO!

Judith Arnold, Sundy Whiteside, Con. Clay, Ald. Navarro, and Mayor Krewson
SLACO Board President Sundy Whiteside with Ald. Todd and volunteers
Volunteer sign in
Great turn out everyone!

Touring the Divided City

How Neighborhoods United for Change transforms St. Louis into a journey toward equity.

As we drove by properties and land slated for development, St. Louis residents, black and white from north and south, expressed frustration the type of development that centered property and profit over people. Kim Jayne told me: “The way development was done is that people were moved out and then new people were brought in [with] higher income. A lot of people here could have really benefited from that economic development.” In these elicitations, the tour crystalized resident responses to recent development projects, including frustration at how city officials have often ceded to private developers without considering resident needs.

Very nice essay from 2016 on #NU4Change.

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

More than 300 community leaders from throughout the St. Louis region have participated in the Neighborhood Leadership Academy, learning the skills and building the networks to create whole communities. The Academy provides hands-on leadership training that emphasizes community building principles, organizational leadership and management practices, and personal leadership skills.

  • 11 sessions, September 9-November 18, 2019
  • Academy sessions are held on select Mondays

Each year the NLA brings together a diverse group of current or potential neighborhood leaders who are actively involved in their neighborhoods and represent communities from throughout the St. Louis region. Academy participants may be municipal elected officials, neighborhood association members, community-based organization staff, or resident volunteers.

The NLA provides hands-on neighborhood leadership training that emphasizes community building strategies and principles, project planning, and organizational & personal leadership practices. Class dates: September 9 through November 18, 2019. Scholarship deadline: August 9. Early registration deadline ($390): August 23.

Register online here: